Monday, March 14, 2011

A synopsis about my latest book

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“Iraqi Fulbrighter: Removing fear and hatred between American and Middle Eastern people” is a 21-chapter novel which tells different and various stories of a guy called Goran from the Iraqi Kurdistan-Middle East. The stories are about simple but deep and imaginative but true situations that Goran comes across them in the United States, Europe and his home town. The novel talks about the wrong stereotypes, misunderstandings and misperceptions between American and Middle Eastern people through Goran’s life as a Fulbrighter studying at KU journalism school. The setting is quite clear: Time is present and sometimes goes back to the past and jumps to the future. The Place is mainly the United States and parts of the plot are set in Europe and Kurdistan.
Culture and tradition of American and Middle Eastern societies are addressed between the lines. One can learn a lot about them. Politics constitutes a big part of the novel through which readers are taken into deep of  the big mistakes of political actors and political scenarios in the U.S. and countries in the Middle East. Different angles of religions are introduced to the readers who can conclude many formulas about things going on in the real life. Love plays a key role as each character is being developed through the novel with which readers can feel deep passion and emotion of Americans and Middle Easterners. Each chapter tours readers to the realms of culture, tradition, politics and religion; what a mixture!
People of the Middle East and United States are victims of inaccurate coverage of media, wrong policies of governments and the terrorism. “Iraqi Fulbrighter” tells stories of how people in the United State and Middle East can understand each other right and implant peace instead of hatred and fear. It tells how and why Mideasterners hate Americans, how and why the latter are afraid of the former. It tries to remove the hatred and fear between both and fill the gap between them with peace.  It corrects wrong misperceptions and stereotypes both people have toward each other. The book redefines American dream and introduces Middle Eastern dream. It goes farther into the life of average American and Middle Eastern families.
Terrorism, Islamic movements, oil and extremism are key elements addressed in some of the chapters to explain how Americans and people in the Middle East have become victims of those elements. Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt and other countries are synthesized into a neo-realistic world where Goran, the main character, plays with other major and minor characters to address the real tension, problems and misunderstandings with the Americans. The book, in chapter 20, predicts a revolution to happen in Egypt where people’s rage is at the peak. The prediction became real right after the novel got published. The book predicts many other events to happen, read it and find out how.

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