Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dog’s sense of smell versus resignation culture in Kurdistan

Goran Sabah Ghafour 

I wouldn’t be stunned if Kurdistan Vote in 2017 is a far future for the public. However, I’m dazed that’s the case for the Kurdish political party leaders. They need training to strengthen their sense of smell in politics to the level of dazzling sense of smell of dogs!
When dogs smell, they understand the whole story from far. Kurdish political party officials start smell two weeks before Election Day and it’s a stunted sense. The political parties work against the wishes of the pubic, irritate and rogue them, yet they worship the people two weeks before the Election Day. Luckily, part of  the plain public still forgets all that humiliation and happily vote for them! However, the results of 2013 legislative elections proved that the other part of the public is no more as plain as the political parties believe.
The Kurdish political party leaders should learn from the old-aged political parties in the world and see how they hold up in the era of technology and digital media. More importantly, they should implant the seed of resignation, step down, firing and banishment. Through strengthening sense of smell, the leaders should fire (or banish, push them to resign) those who think of the public plain and don’t strive sincerely.
The reasons why the political parties don’t have sense of smell are 1- poor management experience, 2) still using the mentality of 1970s, 3) wealth and power interests have blinded them, 4) respect for the Big Brother who can think, smell and see for all. All these reasons make the Kurdish leaders think to use yesterday’s mechanisms to run today’s public! 
The leaders should smell the flaws far ahead and if any official does not have that capability of smelling, he/she should be fired because they bring no success but failures.
Since the political party leaders do not have that strong smell, they faced shocking results in the 2013 Vote. For instance, the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU)’s sense of smell was blocked as they merely depended on using religion to buy people’s vote. They don’t smell that that trick is known by the public. The new generation cannot bear the KIU’s 1994 programs and ideas as they suited only for that period. The new generation is social media savvy and cannot be hunted easily.
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is another example. Some PUK’s leading members,led by Noshwerwan Mustafa who is now head of Gorran, smelled the flaws of the party but the leaders ignored them. They seceded and founded Gorran (Change) Movement. The current PUK leaders’ sense of smell is completely rotten; the party is now in terrible disarray. If it continues this way, both of its knees would be broken in 2017 Vote!
Gorran Movement’s sense of smell was strong and now is close to be blocked as they made two ridiculous mistakes: Its MPs demanded money, car and house; Mustafa tries to separate Sulemaniyah  in Kurdistan!
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is different from others! The KDP’s biggest flaw is that only one person can smell and the sense is orientated with mechanisms of 1970s , while others sense of smell has been completely blocked. This has served the party so far. However, it will fall short  in the upcoming elections because the public smells their tricks very well. By two steps KDP will win again the majority of seats in 2017 Vote: 1) Allowing other KDP officials smell, and 2) if they failed to do so, KDP’s leader should get rid of them.
I’m not sure if these words would please the political parties because they want to have a public that’s dumb and lower than plain and they have been working so hard to create that public since 1991.  But they don’t smell that a generation in Kurdistan is emerging that they don’t know much about history, past revolutions and dignities, they are the technology species and can harm political parties badly.

*Goran S. Ghafour, a young Kurdish novelist and journalist, is a doctoral/GTA student at William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, USA. His latest novel titled Heart 2 is now available in Kurdistan. Heart 2 will come out next year in English.

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