My debut novel is under literary agents' consideration 

Novels I published myself or by small publishers:

 1- The Statues (2014) Edicion Camelot Publisher-Spain.
2- Iraqi Fulbrighter (2011) PublisherAmerica-USA(Also published under Fear & Hatred title in Kurdish and English)
 3- President Artery (2005) Aras Publishers-Iraq (This novel is only in Kurdish).

Academic Publications 

Ghafour, G. (2014). Framing democracy on online news stories in both Iraqs. Global Media Journal. 14(16).

Ghafour, G. (2014). Value disclosure of young adults through social media in Iraqi Kurdistan. Journalism and Mass Communication. 4(5): 303-317.

Ghafour, G. (2014). Framing Kurdistan region in US newspapers: 2000-2010. International Communication Research Journal. 49(3).

Seo, H., Ghafour, G. & Harn, R. (2015). Political cartoon in the social media age: Visual narratives and framing of Syrian revolution on Facebook. International Communication Journal.

Articles I've published on various media outlets:
  • Plan B on Kirkuk for Kurdish President
  • Kurdistan Senate: A recommendation for Kurdish President 
  • East's religion v. West's law 
  • People dismiss opposition call for govt. reformation in Kurdistan 
  • A thorough view of women self-burning in Kurdistan 
  •  Goran S. Ghafour: Fulbright, a window to understand the world better 
  • Lt. Col Hamilton tells different story about Iraq war 

I've translated 25 books from English to Kurdish. The list below are all published in Iraqi Kurdistan:

1- Hamlet, the original text by Shakespeare.
2- History of Mass Media
3- Robin Hood
4- Princess Diana
5- The Ideas That Conqured The World
6- Mislead Martyr (co-translator) 
7- Lost in Limbo (co-translator)
8- Professional Journalism
9- French Soccer Player Zidan
10- Reinventing Civil Society
11- The Jews of Kurdistan
12- Political Theory
13- Corruption and Government
14- How Women Betrayed Women
15- Pamphlet for Journalists
16- Kama Sutra
17- Photograph Dictionary
18- The Wuthering Heights
19- Arab Spring
20- Understanding Journalism
21- A handbook for journalists in war zones
22- Kurdish history


Some of interviews done with Goran by journalists around the worls:

Aynda best writer and translator award winner (2009) 
Bob Sigman Awar for journalism (2013 & 2014)
Calder Picket Award for writing (2015 & 2016)

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